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September 2018

27 Years Experience in the Beverage / Alcohol Industry & IT Development

  1.  Present Point of Sale Displays to customer and Book through our POP system.
  2.  Merchandiser Manager can see the booking in real time and approve POP items . 
  3.  Route: Merchandisers by report or maps and assign materials.
  4.  Merchandiser recieves automated emails to install Point of Sale displays.
  5.  Unsaleable product forms can be entered quickly and printed on a State Approved Compliance   Form. 
  6.  Promotional Events ( Charity etc... ) Easy - Fill Form Generator  / with 501C Documents and State   approval. ( Automated Forms on the fly to your office personel to approve and fill samples. )
  7.  Customers and Products auto-filled in as you type.
  8.  New Account Forms can be filled and sent to appropriate departments for review.
  9.  Security Groups / Assignments are easy to manage.
  10.  Check / Present  Gross Profit Margins of all your products for the current month. ( Data Connect )
  11.  Full POP Inventory Managment Software - Groups POP material  by supplier / category / location or by images / photos.

This is just a sample of one industry.

We can customize these modules to fit any industry that needs inventory management and reporting.
From Small Business to Specialized Corporate Add-on Solutions. Web Design for small business also available . Domain services and cloud based hosting provided by our preferred cloud hosting provider.

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  • SAAS : Backup And Recovery - Cloud Based on a VPS.

  • Customized Software : Contact us for backup plan. 


      Cloud based applications - Firewall Management  available with the latest security & encryption.


      * Active Directory Options are available with our application development -  IIS Windows - Contact us