About us

About us...

Owner / Developer

John Petitti 

With 26 years experience in the beverage industry as a Route Sales Representative. John has also had an IT background previous and during his extensive time in the industry. With both experience in IT and Sales his goal for complete communication across all departments in a corporate environment was in his opinion the most important factor for continued growth , with a determination for success in this type of environment  he formed  FormsDataPro LLC . 

Cloud Based VPS - SaaS - Customized Wholesale Distributor POS Systems

FormsDataPro SAAS - Modules are combined into one solution  . 

  • Form filing in the cloud.
  • Modules - Inventory Management to Sales to Managment to Office Personel or any Department.
  • Automated Emails.
  • Export / Importable Data - Formats ( Excel, CSV, XML, PDF, Txt. )
  • Charts / Reports - Are generated on the fly , no need to design your own spreasheet or formula's.

Case Study : ( Sales Representative - For an Alcohol Beverage Distributor ) 

  1.  Present Point of Sale to customer and Book . ( by POS Photo or Inventory / supplier category )
  2.  Merchandiser Manager can see the booking in real time and approve POS . 
  3.  Route: Merchandisers by report or maps. 
  4.  Merchandiser recieves automated emails to install display.
  5.  Unsaleable product forms can be entered quickly and printed on a State Approved Compliance   Form. Form Data can also be sent to the customer.
  6.  Promotional Events ( Charity etc... ) Easy to fill form  / with 501C Documents and State approval   uploadeble to your office personel to approve and fill samples.
  7.  Customers and Products fill in as you type.
  8.  New Account Forms can be filled and sent to appropriate departments for review.
  9.  Security Groups / Assignments are easy to manage.
  10.  Check / Present  Gross Profit Margins of all your products for the current month.
  11.  Inventory Managment Module - Groups POS  by supplier / category / Location / Photo etc..

This is just a sample of one industry.

We can customize these modules to fit any industry that needs inventory management and reporting.
From Small Business to Specialized Corporate Add-on Solutions. Web Design for small business also available . Domain services and cloud based hosting provided by our preferred cloud hosting provider.

  • Support for your website or corporate solution is always available. 
  • Email 24 / 7 - Phone 9AM-5PM M-F ( EST )

Backup And Recovery


  • SAAS : Backup And Recovery - Cloud Based on a VPS.

  • Customized Software : Contact us for backup plan. 


      Cloud based applications - Firewall Management  available with the latest credential encryption.


      * Active Directory Options are available / IIS Windows - Contact us