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Specializing in Distributor Point of Sale Logistics, Merchandising Route Management 

Data Analysis & Communication Efficiency with Sales Teams, Lead Management & Suppliers.

Point of Sale / POP Marketing
Inventory Managment &
 Merchandising Solutions

Key Features of our Inventory Management System

Collaborate with Route Sales Representatives, Merchandisiers, POP/POS Department, Team Leaders, Supplier Managers and Lead Management.

Silver-POS-Pro Includes:

  •  POP / POS -  Inventory Management
  • State Compliance - Reporting ( where necessary* )
  • Display Booking & Promotional Booking - Wizard
  •  Allocated Salesman / Product -  Form Generator
  • Unsaleables / Breakage* Form Generator
  •  New Account Management
  •  Bookings by POS Photo Gallery
  • Merchandiser / Warehouse Route Map Module & Reporting
  • Gross Profit Calculator & Pour Cost Calculator
  • Automated Sell Sheet Generation
  • Reporting, Charting and Automated Email Communications on the fly.
  • Online Employee - Security Administration   ( Departments & Divisions )
  • Customized for your State & Compliance
  • Support & Documentation
  • Data Connect* / Cron / Task Scheduler

Gold-POS-Pro Includes ( All of the Above ) plus

  • Merchandiser Photo and Supplier Bill Back Module
  • Automated - Merchandiser Photo - Sales Representative Sync
  • Accounting - reporting For Bill Backs to Suppliers
  • Supplier - POS Login ( Merchandising Results & Reporting ) 

Platinum-POS-Pro Includes ( All of the Above ) plus

  • Multifactor - Authentication
  • Custom Priority Support**

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  • Domain Setup Services Available 
  • Website Design, Setup & Support
  • SaaS - Setup / Hosting & Support

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Our Restaraunt used FormsDataPro to design a mobile friendly easy to update website . It has increased our customer count immensly. We can easily update our specials every week . Support is personal and timely.  

(OG) Mamudov

(Restaurant Client)


 We have used Forms Data Pro (  CDIforms ) since 2005 . It helps us stay within State Compliance with Point of Sale material installed in our Retail and On premise accounts. Our POS manager can use the Inventory module to receive POS and it automatically notifies our Supplier Manager by email as he receives it in real time. The Sales Representatives can book Displays and present to customers with photos of displays in real time and get approved for our merchandisers to install . We also use the unsaleable module to track returned unsaleable product it helps us avoid errors and speeds up the process . There is an allocation wizard that the sales rep can send to their manager auto emailed which then goes to our purchasing department for distribution. There are other options like the Promotional request module for charity tastings and new account form which informs our managers of potential new customers. Seems every module has exportable reporting and there are charts to better understand where we are with State Compliance regulations.


Walter Myslewski

IT Business Partner



*Where Applies / Based on State Regulations

**Advanced Support - 1st Priority